Self- Prescription of Glasses by EqueQue’s VisionCheck At- Home


Now you can test your vision with the help of your smartphone right where you are thanks to the new vision testing system to be launched by EyeQue, a company based in Newark, California.

The device can help ascertain the vision figures for spherical, cylindrical and axis and prescription glasses henceforth. It snaps on to the screen of a smartphone. Once the user places it against the eye, the app accompanied for the device displays multiple images. An internal motor rotates a series of lenses that work along the eye’s focus and astigmatism and hence the refractive error. The app also measures the distance between the pupils with the help of a special in- built tool.

The MIT patented Inverse Shack Hartman optical method and the eye measurement technology is used by the VisionCheck device. For people whose eyesight keeps changing rather often, this device will be a helpful tool as it will save on prescription glasses.


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