Samsung To Introduce Foldable And Dual- Display Phones Soon


A first of its kind foldable phone was recently introduced by a lesser- known company called the Royole. Following which, Samsung is all set to unveil its foldable phone on November 7 in San Francisco at its developer conference. It seems that an announcement is in the loop considering Samsung’s teaser on Facebook about the same.

The specifications have been confirmed by a Korean website called The Bell, according to which the phone will have two Super AOLED panels and a hinge attached for keeping the two panels of the phone from impacting each other and enable users to use the phone at different angles. As per reports, the hinge is to be made by another Korean company, namely KH Vatec.

The foldable phone will work both as a tablet and a phone, with the primary panel’s length as 7.29- inch and the secondary panel’s length as 4.58- inch. The phone will be marketed with the displays as 7.3- inch panel inside and 4.6- inch panel outside; by Samsung.

Initially 100,000 units per month are expected to be produced where both the panels will be manufactured by Samsung Display. Eventually the company might target to produce 500,000 to a million units per year. AMOLED panel will be used for the phone since it is impossible to bend or twist the LCD.

Being the first ever major company to sell a foldable smartphone, marketability might turn out to be slightly challenging for Samsung, pertaining to which the company will sell the phone in limited numbers.


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