Crackdown by Instagram on Shady Apps that help generate fake likes, comments and followers


For those who have used apps to accumulate followers or fake likes, there is some bad news. Instagram has decided to kill fake likes and followers that are grown by shady apps artificially.

In a notice given by the social media service it declared that they will surge inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that in order to increase their popularity use third- party apps.

The Facebook- owned social media platform said that they will send in- app messages alerting the problematic accounts before removing the inauthentic likes, follows and comments which the service will pinpoint by using computer algorithms.

Instagram will also ask the affected users to change their passwords. The passwords need to be changed as the third- party apps that generate fake activity, which the media service has not officially called out; ask users for their usernames and passwords to access the accounts to generate likes and comments along with followers for the users.

The service did not give many details except that this process will be an ongoing one and those accounts that continue using third- party apps for fake activities will find their Instagram experience impacted.

While Facebook has evidently been making extra efforts to cease state- sponsored internet trolls from infiltrating the company’s products; Instagram did not reveal if any of this fake activity has been a tool for circulating misinformation as well.



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