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Pramod Dige:

Pramod Dige hold 7+ years of experience in Web marketing field and currently working as a SEO consultant.

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Thomas Mark:

Thomas Mark holds over two decades of experience in the field of Information Technology and specializes in setting up global R&D and innovation strategies. With his innovative approach in developing strategies for innovation, he offers thought leadership programs and pursues strategies for engagement with leading players in the industry on innovation in Information and Technology. He currently works as a Freelance Business Consultant and also writes for leading news publications to offer his views on the recent innovations in the industry.

You can reach him :

Jay Smith:

Jay Smith is a trained neuroscientist and holds over two decades of experience in biomedical research. Also, was a regular author for leading medical and pharma journals and offered educational consulting and medical writing relating to the industry. Currently, he works as a head of content development for leading media house and interviews leading medical professionals to put forth developments in healthcare industry for the technology professionals.

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Sonia Mehta:

Sonia Mehta is a writer from Delhi, India, looking to break into the freelance copywriting field. Sonia covers health and lifestyle news as well as medical research news from around the world.

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