LiDAR Technology:Recent Developments and Market Overview


LiDAR or LADAR stands for ’Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging’ or ’Light Detection And Ranging’. It is a surveying technique that calculates the distance to targeted objects by illuminating them using laser light. LiDAR is commonly used for making high-resolution maps and has several applications in geomatics, geodesy, archaeology, geology, and geography.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) Market

This technology also finds use across geomorphology, forestry, seismology, laser guidance, atmospheric physics, and laser altimetry. LiDAR technology uses ultraviolet (UV), visible, or near infrared light to picture various objects. It can target an extensive range of materials; including rocks, clouds, rain, aerosols, chemical compounds, non-metallic objects, and single molecules.


‘HYPACK Inc.,’ known for its hydrographic survey and processing software, has released a new product, called ‘NEXUS 800 UAV.’ This product is an advanced solution for data acquisition, LiDAR survey planning, post-processing, and analysis & product creation.

It is also an end-to-end solution that was produced in partnership with Velodyne Lidar Inc., SBG Systems, and Infinite Jib. The solution was developed to provide fully-integrated mapping solutions that flawlessly synchronize LiDAR data with photogrammetry.

The NEXUS 800 UAV system runs on a software from HYPACK Inc. The product can be utilized at each of the phases in the data gathering procedures; comprising acquisition, mission planning, data analysis, product creation, post-processing, etc.

It offers point cloud viewing and real-time imaging during flights. According to HYPACK, the system is a comprehensive solution. It efficiently integrates software & hardware and photogrammetry’s & LiDAR’s dual capture processes.


‘LeddarTech’ has developed Leddar systems for the automobiles industry. These systems consist of 360° view micro-LiDAR and are placed in vehicular taillights and headlights. Automotive companies leading the LiDAR industry are Bosch’s ‘highway pilot systems’ and Valeo’s solid state LiDAR systems & Scala laser systems.

LeddarTech’s product offers distinct benefits as compared to its competitors. The product has unique advantages including reduced power consumption, increased sensitivity, maximum range & field of view, and excellent performance in unfavorable conditions.

Market Overview

The worldwide LiDAR market is estimated around USD 1.4 billion by 2024. Its growth would be credited to higher acceptance of LiDAR technology in automobile safety and environmental mapping. The industry should witness huge expansion during 2016 to 2024.

Its key drivers are wider acceptance across architecture & construction industries for monitoring & 3D-modeling applications. Some of its major players encompass Velodyne LiDAR Inc.; Faro Technologies Inc.; and Leica Geosystems Holdings AG.



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