Citroën Announces Glasses That Soothes Motion Sickness


Citroën, a French Automobile manufacturer, has announced the releasing of glasses that will help to reduce motion sickness. Motion sickness is an illness like fatigue, dizziness, sweating, uneasiness, vomiting experienced by people during travelling. Many people are affected by motion sickness as they look at the screens of gadgets like smartphones, tablets or a book.

A French firm named Boarding Ring has developed this special glasses called “SEETROËN” that has four rings. These rings contain blue fluid which flows in frontal axis (left-right)&sagittal axis (front-back)to create an artificial horizon that brings back synchronization between the eyes and inner ear, the senses that cause sickness. The liquid remains horizontal to the ground surface inspite of the movement of the vehicle which provides stability to eyes & brain.

How do the glasses work?

  • While travelling, put on the glasses when you experience the primary symptoms of motion sickness.
  • When the time passes, about 10-12 minutes, the glasses creates resynchronization between the eyes and inner ear that are kept focused on moving objects like, smartphone, tablet or a book.
  • Remove the glasses and enjoy your travel.
  • These glasses thus help adults or children to read books, play games or watch a movie during travel.

The glassescan also be worn over the usual glasses and shared with the companions.

These special glasses are limited edition and sold in Citroën’s lifestyle boutique shops and also on Citroën’s boutique website.

Sonia Mehta is a writer from Delhi, India, looking to break into the freelance copywriting field. Sonia covers health and lifestyle news as well as medical research news from around the world.


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