At $4 Netflix Experiments A Mobile- Only Subscription


While the market for streaming services is growing by the day, so is the competition. Though Netflix is doing well with a growing user base, the company is hardly hesitant of trying out new things. Latest in its ideas of experiments is a mobile- only subscription option which will be relatively cheaper.

The experiment is limited to Malaysia currently and is quite restricted. According to reports, at $4 per month it will be possible to stream Netflix on any smartphone, however other devices such as TV will not be able to stream through the subscription.

The stream quality will lack HD resolution; instead a standard definition stream will be available which might sound like another restriction for consumers who would want an HD display on their smartphones.

According to Netflix, the objective of the experiment entails to comprehend the customer interest in a mobile- only plan. Apart from that, it is also an attempt to battle the growing competition with the help of cost. Europe and US might not be introduced to this plan at all given the standard definition limitation. However, things might change if mobile streaming earns popularity.

Eventually the likelihood of falling prices will increase with the tough competition. The content offered by the streaming service provider will be the only thing the user might be interested in.


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